The Least Paper .. Money Can Buy You Can Pack You Will Smoke To Pass To The Left

The Original Cones®

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You don’t want to be a thief of your own wallet, do you ? Of course not.

And you might want to match your Cones® with your mood or part of the day, right ? Sure! That’s why we have Cones® ” For E*ve*ry Sm*king Moment”

To help you out we bundled some of those moments together and also thought of the Heavy T*kers among us 🙂

cones bundle home

Paper so thin & wee, that can only be.. The Original CONES®..

.. you see.

With The Original Cones® you’re packing the least paper around. Our way of rolling and materials used guarantee that. But don’t mistake less with weak. The Cones® won’t rip, tear or break. Our Cones® literally play the supporting role. Only there to let your flower shine and take centre stage.

Best Burners

The Original Cones® DIFFERENCE

Less is More

The Least & Thinnest Paper = More Taste.

Slow & Even Burn

No waste or runners. Just pass it on the lefthand side.

Premium Paper

Providing you the best since 1994. We take this stuff seriously.

Handmade Cones®

From rolling to packaging, everything is handtouched.